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Bowery’s Spring Menu Lands

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Bowery’s Spring Menu Lands

As Spring produce saturates our gardens and kitchens, Bowery Lane’s seasonal focus shines the spotlight on fresh ingredients.

Bowery Lane upholds a food philosophy of high-end produce with a Bowery twist of New York inspiration. Wholesome rustic cuisine promotes bold flavours and vibrant colours for fresh, dynamic dishes. With the seasonal change in menu, fresh produce dominates. Ingredients-driven, the new Spring menu celebrates the most brilliant produce of the year. Expect vibrant, light, crisp and colourful feasting, jam-packed with clean flavours and textures.


Dishes are embellished by natural seasonings and flavours, from New South Wales’ exotic Yuzu to Tasmania’s native Mountain Pepper. Entirely dependent upon the fresh veg supplier and what’s best in the market, Bowery offers special blends of Ancient Grains, Bitter Leaves or native Coastal Plants for a unique texture to every dish. Conventional ingredients are reimagined, such as Compressed Iceberg, while the creation of dressings, pickles, salts and aromatics remain homemade. Fresh salads and vegetables are liberally doused in dressings, vinaigrettes, whipped feta, labna or honey and crowned by garnishes of seeds, herbs and garden vegetables tops.


Spring’s exquisite beauty resonates throughout ingredients-driven dishes like Spring Bean Spinach Risotto, Roasted Beetroot and Bowery’s trademark Poached Chicken Salad, all bursting with crispy freshness and vibrant colours. In other dishes, extravagance is subtle: Potted Duck – a Bowery twist on Rillettes – pulled and cooked in its own fat; the delicacy of Beef Tartare, garnished with Salt Cured Yolks – the same technique used on prosciutto or gravlax, covering egg yolks with table salt for a unique curing treatment; and Wagyu Bresaola – next level in charcuterie as air-dried, salted beef aged 2-3 months and flavoured with wine and spices.


From the kitchens, Crisp Pork Belly is comfit for 9 hours, then pressed and served with Apple braised in Cider. A highly under-utilised cut, Beef Neck is slow cooked at 100 degrees across 9 hours in Bowery’s signature master stock. Charred Free Range Whole Chicken bring the tones of a light Spring Roast to the table while Bowery’s signature Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder – braised in the kitchens at 120 degrees across 10 hours in Bowery Lane’s signature master stock – enjoys a seasonal uplift, served with whipped lemon-mint ricotta. For serious meat lovers, Bowery stays close to home, with 800 grams of Prime Rib from The Riverina and the MB3+ marbled beauty statement-making Black Onyx Scotch Fillet from the Rangers Valley. The Black Angus beef is grain fed for a minimum of 270 days and is particularly renown for its rich full flavours.


From the ocean, it’s all about fresh. Salt Cured Hiramasa Kingfish explodes with colour as Lime Salt & Mountain Pepper Squid is lightly dusted in rice flour then delicately frizzled. Scallops, caught from the pristine waters of the Canadian North Atlantic, are lightly torched to seal in the immaculate flavours while Hand Picked Spanner Crab is embellished by a housemade Roasted Fish Bone Dressing. Bowery’s take on fish and chips uses sustainable local and wild flathead, caught off the line for maximum freshness, boosted with herbs for Chive Beer Battered Fish, while Market Fish is fresh and delivered daily.


For those with a sweet tooth, desserts are reinvented and reinterpreted with a sense of intrigue, from the reimagined Caramelised Brûlée to the deconstructed Cheesecake and the epicurean deluge of Chocolate. Spring is in the air, and flourishing from the heart of Sydney’s CBD as Bowery’s Spring Menu lands.


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