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Power Of The Breakfast Bowl

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Power Of The Breakfast Bowl

Move over plates of traditional fry ups, look to the Breakfast Bowl as the smart choice for our morning meal.

Food trends and diets may come and go, but when it comes to sensible eating without compromising on taste, the Breakfast Bowl is the light, bright flipside. Breakfast bowls hold more of the ingredients worth getting up for: more whole grains, more veggies, seeds, nuts, more perfectly poached eggs on top. More than anything, they cover every flavour profile, from sweet to savoury, spicy or fruity – and anything else in between.


Conventionally, there were two choices to breaking the fast:

The Traditional Breakfast
Hearty and heavy and a canvas of brown dominated by 5 types of protein – steak, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and fried eggs – this fry up remains a quintessential institution.

The Ready-To-Eat Cereal Breakfast
Once a dish intended to cleanse colons for wealthy health resorters, blah looking cereal is sugar packed and immortalised by an array of commercially colourful and fictional characters.


As a light alternative bursting with colour, the Breakfast Bowl is the new kitchen staple. Its lineage goes back to the Smoothie – that wholesomely convenient thick, silky beverage of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yogurt or ice cream. Once South American superfood Acai entered the scene, there were additions of Shredded Coconut, Toasted Nuts, Protein Powders and Seeds – so ideal, for those fit and on the go. Acai also gave the Smoothie substance, expanding from the cup to the bowl to include Oats, Granola, Gummy Bears or Marshmallows. The bowl suddenly presented so many more possibilities, such as Poached Eggs, Quinoa, Kale, Haloumi and Avocado; or any other breakfast food – like Bacon or Salmon *hedonist


The popularity of the Breakfast Bowl is not just because they’re ultra-photogenic, but can cater to virtually every dietary requirement while conveniently offering every meal of the day in one go. From the one bowl, it’s a beautiful fusion of fresh flavours and textures. Seeya later plates – you were so overrated anyways. Welcome to the table, Breakfast Bowl. We’re so glad you’re here.


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